Holiday Workshops

Our Mindfulness Holiday program is a 3 full day fun filled workshop all inclusive of materials, resources and meals. Meals include Breakfast, mid morning snacks, lunch and afternoon snacks.

Times: 8am to 5pm
The Mindfulness Workshop Cost: R1500 all inclusive
Bookings are limited to 10 children per program to ensure each child gets personal attention to their needs
Contact us to find out about upcoming dates


The 3 days are focused on Physical Quotient with Yoga, Intelligence Quotient with various processes and Emotional Quotient that includes various arts and crafts activities. Our Mindful coaching program is unique in that it focuses on developing understanding, self esteem, self love and self acceptance for each individual child. A parent session is included as part of the program.

Lets Play Colours focuses on the primary colours and their meanings. We learning the healing attributes of each colour and how we can use this in our lives. Through art activities we learn what our best colours and how to use these colours when we are sad or angry and what colours to use to help us be happy and full of love. Through craft activities we create colour momentums to help us remember the colours we need to constantly be in a happy state of mind. All materials are provided for.

Lets Play Crystals. Research has been done on using crystals to help children deal with their fears, anger, supressions, bullying, peer pressures, academic pressures, sadness etc. In this Kids Club activity we follow on from our colour activities and work with the 7 different colours of crystals and their different healing abilities. We learn which is our one special crystal related to my individual birth date and astrology sign. We create a crystal affirmation wall chart to help us remember which crystal to use when we need it. We also create our own crystal necklace to wear to protect our energies. We also learn how to use each crystal to say our affirmations every morning. All materials and crystals are provided for. All materials are provided for.

Lets Play Chakras. Following from our colour and crystal activities, we learn about our physical body and the subtle body ie the energy body. We learn about the 7 main energy centers and what they are all about. We learn how to use the crystals to help us heal our energy centers and clear this of any negative or bad energies. We learn the art of healing with our hands and how we can feel which energy center is happy or sad, postive or negative. Through arts and crafts activities we create a energy body that reflects us and what we look like.We create a body map of ourselves and explore all the things of who we are at each energy center and create affirmations for them. All materials are provided for.

Lets Play All About Me. Following from learning about our different energy centers and the different physical body and energy body lets play my body explores who we are one step further. Self esteem and self worth becomes apparent as children start identifying themselves as individuals and then compared to others.

Lets Play My Body works with understanding our bodies need through yoga and action ball and creative art activities where we learn about the physical body and we learn about the subtle mental body or energy body and then the emotional or love body. Through crafts we create the 3 layered being that we are and understand more who we are and how we can heal each energy center through using colours or crystals. Through yoga and meditation we learn how to get rid of all negative thoughts and emotions and hw to stay in a constant state of happiness and love. All materials are provided for.

Lets Play Arts and Crafts are part of the programs that allows us to explore our creative side and what we love to do most. Creative art work or poetry or writing or drawing or acting. We do various activities to expose us to various creative expressions through arts and crafts. All materials are provided for.

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