Know Your Child

Did you know that your child has 12 Archetypes. So do you!
Our ego consists of twelve personas. Because they are fully integrated, their seamless transition from one engagement to the next makes the ego appear as one. In terms of Spiritual Coaching, we analyse your child’s archetypes to go deeper into understanding who your child is and where the imbalances are coming from. Through this we can also look at how we can guide you and your child to overcome his/hers fears and inhibitions and move beyond the obstacles that challenge them. The Archetype Analysis is also especially valuable for parents to understand their children better and what their purpose is and to guide them on their journeys rather than imposing your desires on your children.

Our Life Path is already set out when we are born
Numerology is a universal language through numbers. There are key sets of numbers and each one represents a specific characteristic. When we do your childs numerology analysis we look at different aspects of their life. This is a great tool for parents to guide and parent with awareness:

  • Their Life Path
  • Life Destiny
  • Soul Purpose
  • Personality Understanding
  • Maturity Aspects
  • Challenges and Key cycles of life experiences
  • Karmic Influences and Karmic Debt
    and more…..

What we require to do the Archetype & Numerology Analysis:
Your Childs full birth name and surname
Date of Birth
Time of birth
Place of Birth

Sessions are 120 mins per chart.
Fee is R850 per chart. Enquire about our Family Discounts.

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