Spiritual Parenting

Samaya Kids Spiritual Parenting Coaching Program

Have you heard about crystal children, indigo children, earth children and star children? These are children who are born to do great things for the planet and human kind. As parents and care givers we have a duty to nuture this within each of our children so that we can create the future we want for ourselves and for our children and their children.

A mindful approach to parenting helps children (and their parents) feel happier, healthier, calmer, and less stressed in our frantic lives.

Our Spiritual Parenting program is a unique program that speaks directly to parents.  Spiritual Parenting goes beyond the normal school curriculums and their requirements. What are we doing to instill these values into our kids of who we are and why we are here or what our purpose is? Big questions yes, but relevant and answers we don’t know or are not 100% sure of.

Do you know what your talents are? Do you know where your talents came from? From your Parents? And where did they get their talents? Why did you choose your parents? Have you looked into your own life to understand the where’s, what’s, how’s and why’s? How then, do we use this knowledge to understand our children better and help guide them children to become emotionally strong and mindful adults.

Our unique program will:

  • take you the parents on your own personal self discovery journey
  • know your child/children through their numerology and astrology charts
  • understand the 12  archetypes of your child/children and which are dominant and who needs nurturing
  • discover fun mindful coaching techniques that you can do with your child and family
  • discover the secrets to spiritual parenting

This is a 6 session Spiritual Parenting program of 120min each session
Session 1: About Spiritual Parenting & Parents Archetype Analysis
Session 2: Archetype Analysis of your children
Session 3: Mindful Coaching Techniques (Physical Level of Being)
Session 4: Mindful Coaching Techniques (Intellectual Level of Being)
Session 5: Mindful Coaching Techniques (Emotional Level of Being)
Session 6: Family Session

Program Fee is R4950 all inclusive of books and charts and manuals for references and all stationery and resources.

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